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The genuine approved Fenn Spring Trap Mk 4 was invented and patented by Alan Fenn over sixty years ago.  Mk 4 Fenn Traps set in run-through tunnels at the bottom of hedgerows and around gamebird pens continue to be a valuable vermin control tool for keepers.

To this day, the Mk 4 Fenn trap continues to be manufactured in the English Midlands.

Fenn Trap Mk 4

SKU: 0008
VAT Included
  • Genuine British made Mk 4 Fenn Spring Trap.

    DEFRA approved for Grey Squirrel, Brown Rat and Weasel.

    By Law, this device must be placed inside an appropriate natural or man-made tunnel when it is set in position to catch and kill.  The tunnel entrance should be protected in a manner that deters non-target animals from being accidentally killed or maimed.

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