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Pigeon Trap

For the control of Woodpigeons, Feral Pigeons, City Street Pigeons and other Pest Species

  • Exclusive - Foldable clam action trap with a 20 mm gap along all meeting edges to minimise the risk of injuring birds when the trap closes.

  • Wood pigeons are very wary birds that are reluctant to enter conventional cage traps.  Birds enter this trap more readily because they don’t feel enclosed overhead and they walk in on the natural ground.

  • Size: 44 cm x 41 cm x 46 cm (set) zinc plated.

  • Material: 50 mm square x 3.0 mm welded wire mesh.

  • Patent No GB2535786

It is recommended that this trap is checked regularly and captured birds removed without delay.  Transporting and releasing in another area is considered inhumane and may spread diseases.



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