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DEFRA approved Fenn Traps
Genuine British made Fenn Traps

Genuine Mk 4 Fenn Spring Traps are approved for use against Grey Squirrel, Brown Rat and Weasel.


Mk 6 Fenn Spring Traps have a stronger spring than the Mk 4.  They also have an angled wire jaw.  The Fenn Trap Mk 6 is approved for Rabbit, Mink, Grey Squirrel, Brown Rat and Weasel.

Genuine Approved British Made Fenn Spring Traps

Fenn Trap Advice

For Fenn Traps to be effective, they must be positioned so that the target animal passes between the jaws of the trap and not over the ends of the jaws.  Also, Fenn Traps have a tendency to push animals upwards when triggered.


To improve their efficacy and prevent injury to non-target animals, it is a legal requirement within the UK that set Fenn Traps must be placed inside a suitable natural or man-made tunnel.  Alternatively, an appropriate purpose-made container may be used.


The Elgeeco Fenn Cage (advertised above) is suitable for Mk 4 Fenn Traps only.


Mk 6 Fenn Spring Traps require a larger tunnel or container made of a suitable material such as wood or wire mesh.

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