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Procull Squirrel Trap

Features that make the Procull Squirrel Trap effective and safe to use

  • Self contained with an outer enclosure made of steel mesh.

  • An additional entrance protection tunnel is not a mandatory requirement.

  • Internal guide fences ensure the squirrel is in the best strike position for the optimum humane kill.

  • The integral setting lever allows the two powerful killing springs to be engaged AFTER you have baited and set the trap, thus allowing you to position and adjust the trigger in complete safety.

  • A pendular trigger that is actuated by the squirrels' head rather than by foot pressure on a treadle means the trap can be mounted horizontally or vertically and on a slope.

  • Easily camouflaged with local materials such as twigs and leaves entwined in the enclosure walls or it may be covered with hessian or plastic sacking.

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