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The Elgeeco Pigeon Trap is very effective for all types of pigeon and other birds that may be a health hazard and a problem.  They have even been used to round-up straying bantoms and domestic guineafowl.

Size: 44 cm x 41 cm x 46 cm (set) zinc plated.

Material: 50 mm square x 3.0 mm welded wire mesh.

Patent No GB2535786

Pigeon Trap

SKU: 0006
VAT Included
  • The Elgeeco Pigeon Trap is an exclusive foldable design clam action trap that catches birds alive and unharmed.

    When the trap is closed there is a gap along all meeting edges that prevents accidental injury to captured birds.

    The recepticule cage is made of 50 mm square mesh with 3.0 mm diameter steel wire.  Each panel is fully welded and a zinc plated finish is applied after manufacture.

    Delivered in a flat pack unmarked cardboard box with simple assembly instructions and user guide included.

    Supplied with a free wooden split perch and two reliable springs that can be replaced in the unlikely event of failure.

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