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The Elgeeco Magpie and Crow trap is useful for catching individual birds without the need of a decoy bird in a cage.  Set in a hedge baited with a road-kill produces good results.  Alternatively, set upright within a ground depression and baited with an egg has also proved successful.  The trap is easily camouflaged with local materials, such as twigs and leaves, woven into the cage mesh.


Magpie & Crow Trap

SKU: 0004
VAT Included
  • Very effective clam action trap.

    Exclusive fold flat design by Elgeeco.  Patent No GB2535786.

    When the trap closes, a gap remains between all meeting edges to reduce the risk of injuring birds.

    Size when set: 44 cm x 41 cm x 46 cm.

    Material: 50 mm square x 3.0 mm diameter welded steel wire mesh.

    Zinc plated for weather protection.

    Two reliable British made springs which can be replaced in the unlikely event of failure.

    Supplied with a free hardwood split perch.

    Can be set upright with an open top which allows birds to hop onto the perch from two sides.

    Can be set on the side which allows birds to enter on the ground from one side.

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