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  • This trap is simple to attach to a tree by putting a band around the trunk and tucking the carry handle down behind.
  • A refuge box or smaller dispatching cage can be attached below the floor door and held in place with a spring wire.  A Refuge - Dispatch Cage with attachment wire is available on the "Shop" page.
  • The genuine Elgeeco is delivered in a plain brown cardboard box.  Beware of inferior imported copies in coloured boxes!
  • It is illegal to release live captured Grey Squirrels back into the wild.

Elgeeco Squirrel Trap and Bird Feeder

SKU: 0002
VAT Included
    • The Elgeeco Squirrel Trap and Bird Feeder is a live catch Squirrel Trap when the top entry door is open that becomes a squirrel proof bird feeder when the door is shut.

    • Grey  Squirrels are attracted to the trap when they see birds enter to feed from the feeder and freely leave through the bars.

    • The trap is safe to use and easy to set by simply placing the door ring onto the trigger-rod.

    • Squirrels hang down into the cage to access the feeder and when they press the treadle, the door closes.

    • The Trap cage measures 40 x 22 x 22 cm approx. and the weight 1.1 kg.

    • The square mesh is made to order using 2.0 mm steel wire with 31 mm bar spacing and 29 mm clear holes that allows small birds, such as tits and finches, to enter and leave easily without feeling confined.

    • The cage is fully welded for strength and rigidity and zinc plated after manufacture to provide weather protection and a quality finish.

    • Single catch top entrance with self closing and self locking spring loaded  door.

    • A separate hinged downward opening floor door, held shut with a locking pin, is provided for removing animals.

    • A strong carrying handle is provided.

  • The packaging and delivery cost will be added automatically.

    Please refer to the Home page for details.

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