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Elgeeco Fenn Trap cages are portable and convenient for use on the ground or supported on a structure or fixed in a tree.  They are easily covered with a used plastic sack or bin liner for weather protection and provide an apparent refuge for rodents.
Elgeeco Fenn Cages provide a secure location for Fenn Mk 4 Traps in and around livestock buildings, tied or weighted down if necessary.

Elgeeco Fenn Cage with Mk 4 Fenn Trap

SKU: 0005
VAT Included
  • Elgeeco Fenn Trap safety Cage with Mk 4 Fenn Spring Trap.
    See also the separate Fenn Trap Mk 4 page.

    Approx Cage Size: 15 cm x 15 cm x 20 cm
    Material: 25 mm square x 2.0 mm diam.wire mesh.
    Fully welded construction for strength.
    Zinc plated weather resistant finish.

    Elgeeco Fenn Cages have a hinged full width access door at one end for easy istallation and removal of the Fenn Trap supplied.
    At the other end on one side there is a restricted access animal entrance, approx. width 65 mm.
    The animal entrance can be positioned at the side, top or bottom to satisfy most, if not all, trapping situations.

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