Squirrel Traps - UK made and DEFRA Approved Kill Traps

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Squirrel Traps

Humane Live Catch Cage Traps
Very effective and humane tree mounted live catch squirrel trap and bird feeder.
Immediate availability
29.00 £(VAT incl.)
Heavy duty Professional live catch Cage trap for Grey Squirrel and Mink.

Fully welded rugged construction made in England

Zinc plated finish to ensure years of trouble free use

Self locking steel door closed by two coil springs

Size: 59 cm x 18 cm x 15 cm (23 ins x 7 ins x 6 ins)
Made from: 25 square x 2.0 mm welded wire mesh
Immediate availability
29.00 £(VAT incl.)
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DEFRA Approved Lethal Kill Traps
Genuine British made Mk 4 Fenn Spring Trap together with a deployment Safety Cage.

Elgeeco Fenn Cages have a hinged full width access door at one end and a narrow vermin entrance on one side, which can be positioned to satisfy most, if not all, trapping situations.

Fenn trap cages are portable and convenient for use on or supported off the ground.

Fenn Cages provide a secure location for Fenn Mk 4 traps in and around livestock buildings.

They are easily covered with a used plastic sack or bin liner for weather protection and can be weighted down if necessary.
Immediate availability
Quantity Discount available Quantity Discount available
21.00 £(VAT incl.)
DEFRA Approved Lethal Kill Squirrel Trap, designed and made in the UK.
Immediate availability
42.00 £(VAT incl.)
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