Elgeeco Dispatch Cage

The Elgeeco despatch cage may be used in place of a Refuge Cage.

The Despatch Cage has a squirrel entrance in the top (to align with the floor door in the squirrel trap) and an access door on the side.

The Elgeeco Despatch Cage contains a Fenn Mk 4 Spring Trap which is approved for the despatch of grey squirrels.

The Dispatch Cage MUST NOT be used in locations where there is a likelihood of catching red squirrels or other protected species,

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Dispatch Cage Kit
1 x Dispatch Cage
1 x Mk 4 Fenn Spring Trap
1 x Attachment Spring Wire
1 x Re-usable plastic door tie
Kit Price: £18.75

Legal Advice

It is illegal to release or allow a captured grey squirrel to escape back into the wild.

It is illegal to possess and transport a live grey squirrel without a licence.

Live captured grey squirrels must be dispatched in a quick and humane manner.

If you are not familiar with the legal methods by which grey squirrels may be dispatched, you are advised to seek professional advice or employ another competent person to carry this out.