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Professional Squirrel and mink Live catch Cage trap Patented Elgeeco Squirrel Trap and Birdfeeder Mk 4 Fenn spring traps must be set within the confines of a natural or man made tunnel.  The Elgeeco Fenn cage is a convenient alternative for housing a mk 4 Fenn trap. Professional squirrel cage trap Mk 4 & Mk 6  Fenn Traps Procull Dispatch Trap

Approved Spring Traps for Grey Squirrel Control

The Patented Elgeeco squirrel trap and bird feeder can also be baited with a tray of food placed below the treadle.

Grey Squirrel Traps
Grey squirrels are an alien species within the British Isles and it illegal to allow them back into the wild if captured alive.  The new Procull squirrel trap, designed and patented by Elgeeco and made in Britain is an ideal choice for the novice trapper who may be concerned about their ability to quickly and humanely dispatch these animals.  In areas where the protected native red squirrels are present, a humane live catch cage trap must be used if grey squirrels are a problem.  The Elgeeco designed and patented squirrel trap and bird feeder is the most favoured choice.

Humane Cage Traps for Grey Squirrel Control


The Kania 2000 squirrel trap is favoured by pest controllers for removing grey squirrels from lofts in buildings. Kania 2000 Grey Squirrel in a Procull Squirrel Trap mounted on a fence